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Summary of Project

My father has forgotten his entire life due to an advanced Alzheimer’s Disease. He sometimes remembers some people but simultaneously forgets his relation to them. The only thing he always remembers is his childhood house in Kazeroon, a small city in western Iran, where he lived with his mom. Now going back to that house and living with its people is his sole wish.

Participated and Awarded Prizes in Film Festivals

  • Winning Special Jury Award of Cinema Verite film festival
  • Winning best documentary award the Middle East special awards category at the Mediterranean Film Festival Cannes
  • Winning First documentary film in Razavi FILM FESTIVAL
  • Winning First documentary film in Helath FILM FESTIVAL
  • Winning First documentary film in SHIRAZ FILM FESTIVAL
    Participated in Vision de Real Film Festival in Media Library
  • Screened in TIEFF Film Festival
  • Nominated for the best directing in Verite Film Festival
  • Selected in the international marketing Vision Du Real Film festival
  • selected in the international marketing Hot Docs Film Festival